Sushi is the most famous component of Japanese cuisine. In 2018, it can be found almost everywhere, from the humble food court to five-star restaurants. There is even a sushi emoji!  Sushi is an extremely versatile dish. It can contain meat or fish that is either raw or cooked, or it can be vegetarian. How sushi is presented is also extremely varied. Sushi chefs typically take immense pride in their work, turning sushi into somewhat of an art form.

What is sushi made of?

The base ingredient of sushi is sushi rice, which is vinegared for flavour. Other ingredients can be fish or meat that is either raw, cooked or cured. A large variety of vegetables, both pickled and fresh, can be found in sushi.  You will often see nori used as wrapping for sushi rolls (nori is edible seaweed that has been pressed and processed into a thin sheet). Wasabi and gari, pickled ginger, are condiments routinely served alongside sushi

Types of sushi

How much time have you got?! There are so many different varieties of sushi. This is probably why it is such a popular dish worldwide, because of the endless options on offer. The sushi you’re most likely to have seen in the food court is the trusty California roll – a Western style sushi roll containing imitation crab, cucumber and avocado. You’ve probably also encountered nigiri. Nigiri is a type of sushi where a thin slice of raw fish is pressed over vinegared rice (this is why some people often confuse sushi and sashimi).

How is sushi made?

Some common utensils used to make sushi include a shamoji, a paddle used for stirring and spreading the rice, a makisu, a woven bamboo mat that lets you create a sushi roll, and sushi knives which are designed specifically to slice sushi. Nowadays, you can easily search step-by-step recipes online if you want to make sushi at home (although it may take some practice to get it looking as good as a sushi chef’s!)

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