Newsletter Terms and conditions

  • – For Zushi subscribers only
  • – Must print the birthday voucher
  • – Must show I.D to match the voucher & email provided
  • – Dine In only
  • – Must order with additional drinks and food
  • – Birthday vouchers will be sent out 24 hours prior to your birthday and valid for a month past your birthday date
  • – Birthday vouchers cannot be used in conjunction with other vouchers or specials
  • – You are unable to use multiple emails under the same number or mobile number as this is considered fraudulent
  • – You are unable to book the table if it’s too far in advance from receiving your voucher
  • – You are unable to receive a gift voucher if your birth date has already past the date of subscription
  • – Vouchers will only be sent to you if you sign up 24 hours prior to your birthday date

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