Mobile Zushi

Mobile Zushi is the unique option to hire your very own sushi chef for the day. Perfect for corporate functions, product launches, or private parties, this is a unique experience which is guaranteed to impress your guests, clients, family or friends. Our Mobile Chef will slice the sashimi, make the nigiri and cut up the signature rolls right in front of you and your party.

For a minimum food spend of $1000 and $250 per Chef (recommended one Chef for about 15-20 guests) we will send our sushi chefs to prepare and serve the menu right in front of your eyes.

To book your function now:

Step 1: Choose your Function Menu – on the following page

Step 2: Decide how many sushi chefs you would like based on the number of guests attending

Step 3: Email at least two weeks prior to your event. You will then be assigned an Event Manager who will manage your function from start to finish. If you have any special requests, require waitstaff or you would like to create your own Mobile Zushi Menu, don’t hesitate to contact us by email at or by phone (02) 9380 8830. Please note that function bookings are not confirmed until we contact you upon receipt of your form. If, for some reason, we do not contact you within 24 hours after sending your form, please give us a call to check on it.

Select one of the Mobile Zushi menus:


We can tailor the menu to suit any dietary requirements.

We can cater for sit down or stand up function and also provide wait staff upon availability only.