VIVID at Zushi Barangaroo

27 May 2022 – 18 Jun 2022

Book a table for front seat views to a Wulugul Walk VIVID installation by artists Daniele Davino, Daniele Spanò and Luca Brinchi.

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When humans set foot on the moon, it united people across the world with a shared hope for the future. This installation imparts the same sense of wonder as you walk through the bright inflatable planets of our solar system. To define each planet, the artists combine innovative techniques of video mapping and digital projection with traditional techniques of painting and analogue cinema – restoring old films and adapting them into new animated clips.

“As one of the most important events in our history, the lunar landing showed that if you can look at your planet from afar, perhaps you will find more similarities than differences? Able to see the big picture and sense our collective responsibility to save our Earth, and our kind?” – Light Artists Daniele Davino, Daniele Spanò and Luca Brinchi.